Monday, December 1, 2014

Blogging throughout the Semester

After looking at my previous blogs throughout the semester, I noticed that my writing became less and less formal. I think its because the more you blog, the more you feel like it is a casual type of assignment to voice an opinion or express how you feel, rather than making sure that you write formally like a five paragraph essay. Blog posts also allow me to think freely and write the first thing that comes to mind rather than having to go back and edit my thoughts like you would with a formal paper or speech. I really enjoyed blogging. I've never done it on a consistent basis and I really enjoy being able to speak my thoughts freely. As time went on, I think i felt more in a comfort-zone when writing blogs. In the beginning I was very cautious with what I wrote and how I wrote it, but after writing them so consistently I felt more comfortable about it. Not comfortable in the sense that I was slacking off, but that I wasn't hesitant to write the first thing that came to mind. I think blogging can represent who you are as a person, and as you read my blogs over time you gain more insight into who I am, rather than if you read my introductory blog post which I feel plays strictly "by the rules".

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