Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hybrid Course

Before LIS 201 I had taken one hybrid online class before.  In high school, my AP Psychology class was hybrid, with homework and reading materials being posted online and discussions occurring in class, which was only twice a week.  Both of my experiences with hybrid classes have been very positive, as I feel the online aspect of the classes have enhanced the material and my learning process

In LIS 201 particularly, I feel like the in person meetings and the online discussions mirrored each other very well.  The online blog posts that we had to do every week, mostly always helped me to better interact with the material learned that week.  I do feel, however, that my interaction with my classmates was more meaningful in discussion every week, then on the comments on the blog posts.  Personally, when commenting on others blogposts I was mostly doing it just to get it done and wasn't really engaging in any meaningful conversation.  That meaningful conversation came about in person on wednesdays when I feel like I was able to connect with the material better, because I was able to see how other people we connecting with it.  I could tell someone's understanding and passion behind that understanding a whole lot better in person, then online.

Overall, I feel that this class blended online and in person learning very well, in a way that enhanced and allowed us to interact with the material we were working with.  Although, I believe that this would not have been successful without that importance of meeting for discussion every week.

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