Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Assignment

Over the Thanksgiving break I went to Chicago with my friends for one night, so I needed to call my father who is staying in South Korea. It was very interesting to listen to him using information technologies because he used to say that he does not understand the obessession of the use of digital devices and used to scold me and my brother for using cell phones and laptops. To my question of him about the most important information technology, he gave me an answer, a computer. This was an unexpected answer because I have never seen him using a computer at home but he said at work he uses the computer all day because without this device, he cannot deal with finance work. It was also interesting that he has his own entertainment in the computer. He said the computer using online is very useful for reading news, writing e-mails, and easily communicating with his friends, and the most frequent thing he loves to use is to study through informational blogs online. It was fun to listen to his different life that I did not know before because it was really new to me: he has been fully using online at both his work and private life.

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