Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hybrid courses

Through this weekend's blog assignment, I realized that LIS 201 is the first hybrid/blended class I have ever taken before. I researched about other hybrid classes other than this class, and I found other blended classes in both University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Texas. I think their hybrid classes are very similar to our class but the proportion and timing of online vs. face-to-face time looks significantly varies based on the goals and work requirements of the program. The class I took, "Information Society" I think has relatively have the same proportion for each: in-person lecture, in-person discussion section, and online activity and writing.
In this class, I think the online portions successfully were connected with the in-person lecture and discussion section because students' online writings were all about materials that we learned from the lecture and we discussed with the same material in the discussion section. Personally for me, I was a more effective student in the virtual world because I am used to express myself in English with enough preparation not just impetuously. I was in a great hesitation when I discussed face-to-face but I felt very comfortable when I could write my thoughts on the blog. However, for other fellow students, I could get to know them through both online and physical world because I could see the different aspects of them. They were not exactly the same person in online and the discussion class. For example, some poeple were more active in discussion section, and some people were more logical online. Online resources are always very useful and easy to access not only for this class but also for other classes; classes using online are increasing. Some people might be cautious about this phenomenon, but I am glad with this because I am alreay so familiar with using online resources and aware that how this system makes me convenient.
Since I have possessed my own computer and cell phone, I did not abstein from uncontrollably using those devices, but after undergoing assignments from this class, I learned that this convenience is not somthing that I was naturally given and there must be some control for imposing those technologies.

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Erick Guajardo said...

I agree with you in your comment that online we are able to take our time and think before we write. I think I was able to get to know our classmates better in class, but if it wasn't for the online information about them, my interaction with them would have probably been different.