Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hybrid Post- Sofia Corelli

I am in an online class here at UW Madison, but it has other components than just the online section. First off, we are allowed to meet with our TA or Professor in-person whenever we need, which is their attempt to make it similar to an in-person course. Also, we had an end of the year group project that we had to complete with several in-person meetings. This was interesting because it directly connected our online podcasts to in-person group collaboration, much like LIS 201 does by having both online blogs and in-person discussion meetings. LIS 201, in my opinion, offers much more than my online class does, because even though there is an online component to this class, I feel that everything is very connected and there is no clear separation between the online and in-person components. The only thing that I felt could have connected more to the online component of this class was the readings. Although the readings really did affect our discussion sections, they didn't really connect too much to our weekly blog posts. After this class, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with Wikis and Blogs. Before this class, I had never had to use either before, and now I see the great benefits of using them. It makes me feel more connected with my classmates. I think it would be a great idea for instructors at UW to use these components more in their classes because of this. The course readings definitely connected to my own personal technological life. It opened my eyes to things going on around me in the information society and how I play a part in all of it. Theses course readings are so relevant to our lives' today that I could definitely see them being used in tons of courses offered here, but they are most relevant to a course on the topic of the information society, such as this one.

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