Monday, December 1, 2014

Over the weekend assignment Blog Review

I was thoroughly surprised when re-reading through my many blogs posts. While sadly in a few of them it was evident i hand't given myself time to write a thorough post, many of them i took time to write and make worthwhile. When writing to an audience other than a teacher or TA in a casual manner such a blog post, my voice tends to come through more as myself explaining my feelings to a peer rather than trying to sounds overtly sophisticated as i do in many final drafts of long papers. While i did have many basic spelling and grammatical errors, because i feel that i do not look over my blog posts as carefully as i would look over a term paper, it wasn't errors significant enough to impede the reader from understanding the point i was trying to get across. What i found interesting was that I enjoyed reading over my blog posts more than i normally enjoy reading and editing papers that are just as long or longer, i found it more interesting to see how my voice changed throughout the semester and how i reacted to different forms of technology as i became more informed on them. The length of each of my responses made it evident which topics i found more interesting and which i simply didn't care to go in depth about. Overall i think i put more effort into my posts than i thought i would have going into this weekend assignment, and it was intriguing to read through the posts as the semester progressed.


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