Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hybrid Classes

Initially doing my research of hybrid classes, I noticed many of them had similar approaches to this class.  The classes I looked at were through UW-Milwaukee and they had a approach to decrease the work in the classroom, but increase the activity online outside the classroom.  I believe that's similar to this class because I feel as if I don't do anything in the class.  Aside from weekly quizzes, all the work in the class is outside of the actual classroom and online mostly too.
After being in the class, I've learned a lot about blogs and such through this class.  Although it was a different and new way to experience a class, I didn't really like the setup.  I like the physical interaction with other students and teachers.  I like learning in the classroom because I always forgot about things when they're online.  Also, I didn't really get the chance to meet anyone new with the class being mainly online.  I think teachers should decrease the online content in classes because it takes away the importance of actually going to class and being present.
Even though I didn't really like the class setup, I did like the material within the class.  It gave me a new perspective on technology and how they truly are taking over our lives.  I've become less attached to my phone and computer, even social medias, because I want to incorporate more person-to-person interaction in my life instead of the less personal communications in ways of social media or texting.

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