Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Photoshop Software Training

     Today I attended a software training class that was taught by STS students. The class was focused on Photoshop and the effects and filters the application offers. I chose to attend this specific course because I know the basics of Photoshop, but wanted to know more. This 2 hour lecture allowed the teachers to really delve into the nuts and bolts of Photoshop.
     Before arriving to the training, we were told to print off a manual that was congruent with our laptop brand. We went through the entire manual and took notes on the filter and effect comments they made. Sometimes the teachers went too fast which made it hard to follow. You would think that with two hours, you would be able to cover everything without a problem. However, there were so many more buttons, scrolls, and toolboxes than I thought. Once I got lost with one thing, it was hard to catch back up because they kept going. However, every 20 minutes or so they would pause and let people take a moment to catch up.
     Some of the specific things I learned at the training was how to add and remove objects using Content Aware Fill. I found this interesting because I was never aware that Photoshop offered this feature. Another feature I was unaware of was the diverse array of smart objects that are available on the application. One last thing I found remarkable was the advanced color techniques and HDR toning that can be used when photoshopping images.
Overall, I would recommend attending one of these trainings because they are free and provide an in-depth instruction on applications that we may be required to know about for our future careers.

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