Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving assignment

After suffering a severe concussion on game day and being rushed home to seek medical attention, I really wasn't able to leave bed. This gave me time to really analyze my surroundings. My thought process was very fuzzy and still is, but after sitting in bed for a full week without being able to use a computer or phone and watching people walk in and out, it was all I can think about. I can  honestly say I don't think any family is more dependent on communication technology than mine. My brother is absolutely obsessed. He can never put down his phone, laptop, or I pad. Even if he has nothing to look at, he will browse until he finds something interesting to connect and talk to his friends about. My sister is the same exact way. Her boy friend went away on a Model Congress trip and all she did was constantly face time him. Then i asked her "Honestly Alex, what would you do if I took away all means of communication from Michael?" She said back, "I wouldn't survive."After learning all about communication technology in this class and being home doing nothing for a week, I've really been able to put in perspective how important communication technologies are. The person I talked to the most about this is my dad. My dad works in distressed assets and he is making deals on the phone all day. I asked him what he would do without his phone, and he said we would be broke. He explained to me that business is run through communication technology. In order for people to make money you to need to be able to communicate with other people on a consistent basis. I think all types of communication technologies play a role of specific importance, but I think the cell phone is the most integral to everyday life. Not only is it important for verbally speaking to people on the phone, but it also allows you to have a portable email, which is important for all people in business. Communication technologies play a vital role in our everyday life today, and I don't see it ever slowing down.

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Erick Guajardo said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting break. It's astonishing how much we can notice when we ourselves aren't too preoccupied with our devices. I enjoyed reading your post!