Monday, December 8, 2014

Hybrid Courses

After searching for Hybrid courses at different universities, the first link that came up was a hybrid english class at the University of Colorado, Denver. Their hybrid course was actually very similar to our course. There is a lecture, discussion, and online portion. The class is an honors course that involves creating a powerpoint presentation weekly on class material. The lecture consists of 200 people and discussions are broken up into 15-20 people which include presenting the power point presentations during the weekly discussion. There is also a weekly quiz at the end of every class. This class is similar to ours except, instead of weekly blogs it consists of a weekly powerpoint.

I think that the online component of this class was very beneficial for me.  Even though blogging isn't too difficult, it is something that you need to learn. The best way to learn how to effectively blog is through experience. This class definitely provided that for me, as a weekly blog or assignment was a requirement every week. I think i learned a lot about other classmates from the online portions of the class and I believe that more classes in UW-Madison should consider implementing online portions to the course.

In conclusion, I believe that course readings and lectures did help my online experience, but to be honest I think it only helped in relation to this course. The course focused on the information society, and my main communication technology is the internet. So the information I learned in this course did help with my online activity on a day-to-day basis but I don't know how effective it would be for a class that doesn't require an online component.

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