Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving assignment

I spent this year's Thanksgiving here in Madison with a couple of friends. For the most part of the break there weren't many older people to talk to that I personally knew. Instead, what I did was call my mom back at home. She had some of our family members over for thanksgiving dinner so I asked her to let me speak with my uncle. I asked him what information technology is most important for him to be able to conduct his job. He works in a small fashion designing company back in LA and his response was a fashion designing book which he owns. He said he relies on it most because it enables him to learn all types of styles and the procedures he needs to take in order to get the outcome he wants. He added that having a physical copy of the book is important because he is constantly moving around and dropping things and the book is one of those things that constantly falls. He finalized the conversation by saying that he enjoys looking for solutions and thinking of them rather than going to the Internet for a quick find because that way he consolidates the information. I found his response to be interesting because nowadays it seems that most want quick solutions and enjoy the practicality of technology.

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