Monday, December 8, 2014

Hybrid Courses

When I did a google search for hybrid courses, I found out that many universities are using this teaching style. I clicked on the first link that popped up, which was one from Oregon State University. This website was acting sort of as a guidance tool for future instructors of blended courses to learn how to properly teach and help students with this style of learning. This site also had a PowerPoint to help display this. It describes how a course such as this has at least 50% of online coursework, which can be compared to our course.
As for LIS 201, I believe that this class did a good job of combining the online and in-person portions into a cohesive course. Most of the online assignments were interesting and added to my understanding of the course material. I didn't fully like the in-person portions of the class in comparison to the online portion. Even though I feel like having people physically together in the same room cannot be replicated by online environments, I just felt that students became too focused on making sure that all their work was published correctly online that they didn't try to engage themselves in person as much. I do feel as if I have become more comfortable working with blogs and wikis; before, I thought that I would never understand how to create my own webpage, but now, I realize that it is not as hard as it seems, and as mentioned before, they are spaces to express one's creativity and opinions.
In general I thought that this course was interesting, engaging, and relevant. The course covered interesting topics that raised questions about my person online and technological activity as well as society's integration of technology.


Park Seowoo said...

I agree with that students were not too much engaged in a physical discussion because I was one of them, but I think online was very comfortable for me. I am glad to share my stories with you guys even though it was through a virtual world!

Sofie said...

I agree with your comment about the physical discussion not adding a ton to the class. I think that everyone was so focused on the online portion sometimes, that we lost sight of actual in-person communication and advantages!