Monday, December 1, 2014

Over the Weekend Thanksgiving

Over Thanksgiving I talked to my mom about which information technology is most important to her at work.  She said her cellphone was by far the most important because she needs it to communicate with all her coworkers and maintain availability to people that may need her on the go.  She's always needed a cellphone for work, so she's been able to stay literate with the changes from flip phones, to a Blackberry, to an iPhone today.  She believes that her cell phone makes her like work much more, not only because she gets a free phone, but also because she doesn't have to pay for her service either.  I feel I'm very similar to my mom in that way because I kept up with the changes in cell phone technology as well, so it wasn't very hard to learn how to use the newer technology.  It was a little weird talking to my mom about this though because I grew up with having a phone since middle school and my mom didn't have her first cell phone till a couple years before me.  We kind of went through the learning process together and still help each other out with technical difficulties to this day.

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