Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Post

I decided to ask my mom what she believes is the most useful piece of technology in her workplace because I know she works in a place that relies on telephones and computers.  I was also interested to hear her answer because most people would consider her technologically challenged.  Everyday she still has trouble with her cell phone that she has had for two years.  When I asked her this question, she got super excited about the topic of technology in the workplace because the use of computers and software programs are absolutely necessary for the success of the company she works for. Her job is to make decisions as to whether a health plan is responsible financially for medical diagnostic tests and procedures.  To make these decisions, she has to know some basic information about the patient, what the doctor suspects, and what is in their health plan contracts.  Because there are more than 60 health plans with different contacts that are always changing, her job requires access to information that can be updated at any time. The software she uses allows for her to access this information and communicate the assessment that she makes immediately.  She then went into detail explaining multiple more reasons why it is necessary for her job, which got very confusing for me to follow because I'm not well-versed in medical terminology.  From everything she explained to me, I could tell the aspect of computers that she appreciated most was that it allowed her to multi-task and research information that is constantly updated.  I liked listening to how she uses so much technology at her workplace because it showed me that she really has mastered certain technologies for work even though it's not something that she is usually very good at.

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