Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hybrid Course

This course was my first “hybrid” course I’ve taken here at UW, but I have taken a few fully online courses. Through my experiences with both types of online classes, I favored my hybrid class more. Sometimes classes that are fully online are hard to keep up with the material, and the communication between the teachers and students is limited. Many times, I did not realize I had an assignment due when I did. With this hybrid course, I liked how clear the instructions were for each assignment and how we were able to ask questions and discuss the online activities with our TA, while still having the convenience to work on our assignments on our computer. 
I definitely think I benefited from the hybrid style of the course. I felt like the online portions did connect with the in-person portions and even expanded further on what we were discussing in class that week. This helped me understand each framework more in depth. I also become much more familiar with wikis and blogspot, which I think will definitely be useful in the future. 
This course as a whole was very relatable to real life and how much I personally use and experience the information society. I am much more aware of how I use technology and the effects that this has on society. 


Julia Zureikat said...

I definitely agree with what you had to say, Shayna! I feel that online classes can be hard to keep up with because there is no concrete interaction between professor and student. I am taking an accounting class online over winter break and am worried that it will be hard to keep up.

matthew reich said...

I agree with you Shayna. Fully online classes can be overwhelming due to lack of direction and guidance, and meeting face-to-face is definitely beneficial to my personal learning experience.