Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hybrid Coursework Over the weekend

When i first searched hybrid course on google, the first couple hits that came up were the numerous hybrid courses they offer at UW-Milwaukee. I was extremely surprised by this, and slightly confused on whether it was more extensive program and they were one of the only schools that offered them frequently, or that google recognized that i went to a UW school and lead me to that page. After skimming a couple of the UW-Milwaukee pages, i recognized the focus they were putting on the importance of integrating the advantages of online learning in addition to face-to-face. After, i noticed a UW-Madison link a couple hits down, leading me to the engineering schools approach at hybrid learning, which focused more on the importance of have computer and technology software knowledge, rather than the advantages of hybrid learning to supplement classwork. I feel that LIS 201 is in most ways more similar to that of the engineering school rather than the hybrid classes of UWM, because our online work teaches us to use the technologies we have access to, rather than forcing us to learn much of our coursework on our own, outside of class. Generally, our online portions of class connected to the lectures, but instead of forcing us to do our learning online, we were able to gain a deeper understand of how we use the capabilities of our networks and use it to connect to our classmates.
Going into this class, i had very little understanding of what type of blogger i would be, and to be honest i was a little uncomfortable with the idea of posting blogs weekly for my classmates to read them. However, over the course of the semester, blogging allowed me to learn more about myself not only as a "writer" but as a networker with classmates. While i enjoyed writing my thoughts out, and being able to think through them more carefully before allowing anyone to read them, i think there was a much deeper connection with my classmates through face to face discussions. Commenting on others blog posts forced me to read them, which was extremely insightful, i never remembered who's post i read each week, and i never went back and read through the comments people left me. There was a large gap in connections between classmates online.
While i agree much of online coursework is extremely beneficial in classes such as LIS 201, there also also many classes where an increase in online work would degrade the ability of information to be learned. Yet overall,  I throughly enjoyed blogging and the benefits of the hybrid coursework for this class, and i wish some other english classes adopted these ideas for certain interpretations and sharing of connection between classmates.

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