Monday, December 8, 2014

Go Big Read Extra Credit

  On Wednesday, December 3rd, I went to the Go Big Read lecture. The presentation started with a summary of the “I Am Malala” book and her experience. We were then asked what experienced we have had that left impressions on us and how can we turn these stories into speeches and advocacy. We then listened to students give speeches on experiences they had that left an impression on them, such as water scarcity, bullying, and trains. 
I found the speech on bullying to be very powerful. The student explained how he used to get bullied in high school, where they had a zero tolerance policy for bullies. However, as the one being bullied, this student did not favor this policy because it just made the bullies more angry at him for getting them in trouble. He promoted the idea of defending yourself, rather than hiding behind administration. I found this to be an interesting approach to the idea of bullying and it really made me think about how someone who was a victim of bullies felt. 
Here is a picture of me and Matt at the lecture. 

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