Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Post

Over the break I spoke to my dad about information technologies in his work. He has always been good with computers, but there was a time that he could not use computers at his work or phones. He spoke to me about his pager, which was one of the first portable information technologies he used. My dad owns carwashes and has a partner that he is currently always on the phone with. Before the time of cell phones, my dad would have to get paged from his partner and call him back once he got home and could use the landline. He said it really wasn’t difficult to learn how to use the pager, and although his cell phone took him a while to learn how to use, its obviously much more convenient and makes his work more efficient. Obviously he realizes that the pager made his working conditions less productive and now he is able to contact his partner, customers, and employees so much faster. 

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